Brian C.

“I came to the Harouni Law Group with what I feared was a hopeless situation. My home had already been foreclosed upon and I was facing imminent eviction. Because of the diligence and expertise of Mr. Harouni and his associates I have never had to move out of my house and am now in discussions with my lender to modify the terms of my loan to allow me and my family to retain possession of our home. One year after I hired the Harouni Law Group, my family and I are still living in our home. ”

B. Simpson

“To Anyone Who Needs Assurance that Kaivon Harouni is an excellent choice when it comes to attorneys: I had dealt with one “so-called” loan modification company in Los Angeles (they folded) and then another law firm in Santa Ana (they folded) and finally another law firm in Florida that may not have folded yet but, they lied to me in writing saying that a Trustee Sale would NOT take place on my house and it did! Then, after I lost my 12 year home, I was referred to Kaivon. When I first met him, he didn’t have a fancy office or act like he was God’s gift to me…..He simply told me what he could do and he expressed good interest in my case. He continued to keep me informed through the coming months and he restored my confidence in “competent” and “caring” attorneys (for which there are few!). It has been my pleasure to work with Kaivon and I will be submitting one and possibly 2 offers on my home to hopefully and eventually get it back. In the meantime, Kaivon has kept me in my home from April 2011 until September 30th, 2012 without having to pay a penny to the mortgage holding bank! I can’t imagine doing any better with any other attorney because I know Kaivon has not only done his best but, he truly cares about his clients beyond the money and work that it takes. I will refer Kaivon until I die and I will die a happy death having known people like Kaivon in my lifetime.”

Julie H.

“Thank-you is not enough for all you have done for us! I am still amazed by what you have done for us.”

T. Oetjen

“I came to Kaivon Harouni by way of his broad expertise in Litigation, Contract Breaches, and Real Estate Law along with recognizing Fraud by Companies and Individuals. He works hard to maintain the trust and personalized attention that I have come to expect. The strong negotiation skills serves clients in many types of transactional and litigation matters.

I am proud to be one of the clients for this lawyer who has the energy and competency of a staff of lawyers. He is aggressive and can quickly identify your current and future legal needs.”

S. Perkins

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Kaivon Harouni for the past 8 years socially and professionally. He is an individual of very high moral character, honest and ethical. He is the most knowledgeable attorney I have come across in my 18+ years of dealings in the business world. He has represented me in numerous business issues and his advice over the past has saved me large sums of money, lots of time and given me peace of mind. He also runs an extremely efficient office compared to a lot of other counselors. Having Mr Harouni on my side, like a solid rock behind me for support, has been a blessing. He is one of the best advisers in town and I do NOT make any business decisions without consulting with him. As a matter of fact, he saved me over $55,000 in a lawsuit with my credit card company by having them dismiss the case without having to offer anything to them!!! He really is that GOOD!”

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